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iPox Slides into v0.7 with Buttons

iPox version 0.7 was released today and is just waiting for you to grab an update.

The biggest update in this version is the addition of buttons. Firefox buttons are now slick white buttons that are based off a mockup from my Firefox buddy Greg. Other updates include an alternating background for the bookmarks and sidebar windows. It helps with readability a bit. The folder icon was also re-drawn from scratch and looks cleaner. Many other smaller updates were fixed/updated to bring a better user experience.

So what’s next for iPox? Probably Firefox 2 support. Lots of people ask for it and it is coming. 🙂

Full list of updates in iPox v0.70
– Alternating row colors for Sage, URL & search bar and bookmarks window.
– Preference Icons
– Bookmark Icons
– Buttons themed (minor issue on the Mac with the customize window)
– More spacing around status bar items.
– Extension/Theme/Download selected background color updated.
– New, cleaner, folder icon
– Bookmark bar folder icon hover image
– PC Full Screen Mode Minimize, Window and Close buttons themed.
– Better ‘Bookmark this Page’ menu highlight colors.
– Find bar hover states no longer white.
– Smoother feed icon in URL bar.
– Started editing preferences.

Download iPox from Mozilla’s official addon website.

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