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Are Pets Reincarnated Doctors?

Sassy CatTalk about a rollercoaster ride. Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating the last of Christi’s frequent broken ankle appointments. No more crutches, casts or restrictions. Then, on Thursday, Christi went in with chest and lower back pains only to be hospitalized and diagnosed with a Pulmonary embolism; a blot clot in her lungs.

She is doing well, but we find it interesting that in the days leading up to the hospitalization, our older cat, Sassy, wouldn’t let Christi out of her sight. Sassy usually is friendly when she wants something, but not for long periods of time. She does like her alone time and sleeps alone. As the days went on and the pain got worse, Sassy stayed right by Christi’s side following her everywhere. Overly friendly and seemingly concerned. This wasn’t like her, she was even sleeping with us again. When we found out about the Pulmonary embolism, it crossed our mind that maybe Sassy knew something was really wrong all along.

Now I’m not saying she’s a miracle cat, but I think pets can have a sixth sense about these sorts of things. I don’t know how, but they seem to know that something is wrong days before we’ll consider going to the doctor.

As for Chrsiti, she should be out of the hospital on Monday and we are glad that it isn’t more serious than it already is.

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  1. Lee says:

    Hey Thomas, I think you’re right. Pets do seem to have some innate sense about people. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Christi. Please wish her well from Sue and I.

  2. Thomas says:

    Will do. We are hoping she comes home on Monday, but that’s only if all her tests are good. She seems to be doing pretty good as long as the pain meds are in full force.

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