iTunesReally, it was all my fault, but Apple could do a bit better job at warning a guy.

I was playing around with the new iTunes 7 when I came across my iPod stats. Pretty nifty. I clicked on the Music tab and decided to sync a playlist. My wife hates it when she downloads or rips a song and I don’t get it on my iPod. So I decided to sync the ‘Recently Added’ playlist.

Yes, there was a warning message, however I interpreted it to be related to that playlist. After all, I didn’t click the ‘All Songs and Playlist’ radio button. Two seconds later, my iPod was wiped clean.


Now I admit that it was my fault. However, a secondary warning that said “Are you sure you want to delete all 4281 songs or 8gigs of music?” (or whatever I had) That kind of message would have gotten my attention.

Now I’m digging to find all my music. I hope it’s all backed up. It’s like a fresh start. I’ll admit it was my fault and surprisingly, I’m not to upset. πŸ™‚