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iPox Mangled

I was surfing around Deviantart yesterday and I found a mangled version of iPox. Someone took iPox and Vista Fox and merged them.

Let me just say that I don’t care if you mod my theme, but I do have a few requests. First, please ask. Second, make sure you update the install files correctly.

My biggest issue with this edited theme is that they didn’t know how, or didn’t bother to, update the install files. So when you install it, it overwrites iPox as it has the same install names.

On the bright side, they did give me some credit and it looks like a decent theme. However, it’s based off an old version of iPox so there are lots of un-themed areas and issues.

If you want, you can check out EDITED…Windows vista Firefox on Deviantart. Just keep in mind that if you instal it, you’ll need to re-install iPox.

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