It took a while, but I’ve finally gotten around to updating iPox!

* New in v0.6 *

  1. Some Fission extension support. – Actually I coded it in and then I messed with it and I think it still works ok.
  2. Tab bar & bookmark bar backgrounds should now repeat vertically for those with more than one line. – If this doesn’t happen right, let me know. I’m not sure how to test it.
  3. GoogleToolbar URL bar space fix. This was a bugger. Now there is a space, but it at least blends in.
  4. Help icons themed.
  5. Started theming preferences icons – More work is yet to be done.
  6. Started theming bookmark icons – More work is yet to be done here too.
  7. Lock icon added in URL bar
  8. Download progress bar / area themed – No more fat progress bar. And a pretty background graphic.
  9. Broken website button themed – It’s funny cuz it’s ugly. But that’s the point right? It doesn’t look right.
  10. superT extension minor updates – Just a few minor tweaks.

Start submitting your complains and changes now for the next version. 😀

Get iPox from the Mozilla site.