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HalloFF Halloween Theme for Firefox 1.5.x – Testing

A while ago I posted about a Halloween theme I found on Deviantart. It was a port of my Hallo Halloween theme from MacOSX to Firefox. It looked pretty good, until I installed it. Then it was lacking in many areas. So, I reworked it and am now tesing HalloFF, my Halloween Firefox theme.

HalloFF is a little bit of iPox, a little bit of MidnightFox, a little bit of Hallo and some Nightmare Before Christmas characters all thrown together, mixed up and ouput into a new theme. It hasn’t gone though a lot of testing or quaility checking, but since Halloween is so close, that’s hard to do.

Check HalloFF out and let me now what you think. 🙂

To Install:

  1. Download HalloFF (removed)
  2. Open Firefox’s theme’s window and drag HalloFF.jar into the themes window.
  3. Right click on the theme in Firefox’s theme window and select ‘use theme’.
  4. Restart Firefox.

Note: I have no auto update feature built in so you’ll have to check every now and then to see if there is a new version.

Update: 10/7 – Minor edits but realized it hate’s Sage and I don’t know why. 🙁

5 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Minor updates today.

  2. White Roses says:

    Love it! Just grabbed from Mozilla site, this might be the theme that drags me away from Pimpzilla.

    Anyway, I like the progress bar. Don’t change it just because some purists get all huffy. I also lke the default icons for pages and folders. Maybe the menu backgrounds could be set to the same orange as the address bar?

  3. Thomas says:

    The menu background were updated days ago but no one at Mozilla has approved it yet. Keep your eyes open. 🙂

  1. 10/14/2006

    […] I uploaded HalloFF to Mozilla yesterday and they excepted it. Much to my surprise, people are liking it. I say surprise because it’s kinda hacked together and I guess there are some white on white issues that I hadn’t seen before. But the reviews are positive so far. Hopefully I can get the white on white fixed before Halloween and the progress bar is not going over well either. […]

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