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10 Flock Issues/Wishes

Flock wants to know what we, the users, think. In a post titled ‘Your Top 10 Issues/Concerns‘ they are asking people to voice their issues. Here are mine. 🙂

  1. No Cocoa Widgets on a Mac. (This one is a wish.)
  2. MacUpdate listing description is awful.
  3. When a feed is loaded from the sidebar and I close the feed sidebar, I can’t visit a bookmark in the bookmark bar.
  4. No RSS synchronization with Google Reader (This one is a wish.)
  5. No way to submit extensions or themes to
  6. No folders in the bookmark bar.
  7. The search box doesn’t allow you to change the default engine without going into the preferences.
  8. No spell check as you type.
  9. Can’t easily access history.
  10. Extensions don’t auto update & lots of Firefox extensions don’t work.

Just to let ya’ll know, I think Flock is great overall and one sweet browser. Nicer than Firefox 1.5 in most respects and this is constructive criticism. 😉

4 Responses

  1. DJ says:

    On your issue with the inline-spell check: I’m willing to bet that once FireFox 2.0 (which offers this feature) is released, Flock will incorporate it.

    On your point about bookmark folders: I found it a little hard to get used to at first. It requires a paradigm shift away from the old-school mentality of folders to the “Web 2.0” method of tags. You can search for bookmark names and tags from the “quick search”. This way you could have literally thousands of bookmarks and quickly find the one your looking for.

  2. Thomas says:

    You are right DJ. When Flock gets updated to Firefox 2.0’s core or whatever, I’m sure it’ll gain a few features. Also, I think Flock needs a good document on how their bookmarks work. Maybe they have one and I just haven’t read it. 😉

  3. angablade says:

    There bookmarks are in a .html file that loads into the menu.. if you go into a windows machine and goto the AppData folder > Flock > Flock > Bookmarks.html… thats where it is… im not sure how they read it tho…

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