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yExplore 1.6 Fixes Bug

If you use yExplore, you may have noticed that it’s stopped working properly lately. This is due to a change made by Yahoo Site Explorer. The good news is it’s been fixed! yExplore 1.6.1 has been updated and released! The new version updates the domain URL structure to work correctly with the updated Yahoo Site […]


The Flavors of Gecko Technology

The number of different applications that use Gecko are ever increasing. What’s Gecko? It’s the rendering engine that powers such programs as Firefox, Thunderbird and many more. I guess it all starts with Netscape back in 1998 and possibly even before that when Netscape decided to make a technology to power their browser. It’s come […]


Protect Your Firefox With A Master Password.

Firefox has the ability to save usernames and passwords for easy access later. It’s a handy little feature but it does pose a possible problem. If someone else were to use your computer, or steal your profile folder, they’d be able to access all your accounts. That’s a bit scary. However, you can set a […]


10 Flock Issues/Wishes

Flock wants to know what we, the users, think. In a post titled ‘Your Top 10 Issues/Concerns‘ they are asking people to voice their issues. Here are mine. 🙂 No Cocoa Widgets on a Mac. (This one is a wish.) MacUpdate listing description is awful. When a feed is loaded from the sidebar and I […]


Now 14.7% More IE Friendly

Blog on a stick is now 14.7% friendlier to our IE visitors. I removed a script that allowed IE to actually render transparent PNG’s with transparent backgrounds. It seemed to be slowing down the blog for those users and I didn’t like that. So it’s gone. Instead, you get to see an ugly background on […]


Google Reader Advances

I can’t say I was ever a big fan of Google Reader, it was just a little to weird for me. However, the new Google Reader seems to be more advanced and much nicer. I’m actually quite digging the simple interface, nice layout and the stared or shared items.The only thing missing is browser integration. […]