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iPox on Firefox 3 – What a Mess

I updated iPox to install on Firefox 3  and took it for a run.  What happened?  Well, lets just say there were a few issues.

iPox on Firefox 3

I was hoping for an easy transition from Firefox 2 to 3 but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Once the betas become release clients, then maybe I’ll start theming.  However, this looks like it could be a complete re-code.

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  1. xangua says:

    do ot give up man, i use to love, no i still like your themes but since i use firefox 3 beta ……..
    i can not use them!!!


  2. MDW says:

    I have faith. You’re work has always been tops in the past, and I’m confident that it will still be great on the new platform.

  3. MDW says:



  4. homer says:

    hurry up! we are waiting the update

  1. 3/23/2008

    […] above screen shot was taken from TwisterMc – who is describing his own issues getting the iPox theme to work […]

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