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My Themes and Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5Good news, I’ve gone though and updated all my themes and extensions to work with Firefox 3.5!

There are no major issues, but there are some minor ones. Like the bottom part of the scrollbar is missing and secure pages don’t render the secure part of the URL bar.  I consider these to be pretty minor overall, but do hope to fix the annoyances.

Since Firefox 3.5 is well on its way to being released in June, I thought it was high time I get a few updates in.

I have a lot more to talk about when it comes to my themes and Firefox, but those posts will be coming in the months ahead.

Also, if you use MidnightFox or MidnightFoxy, new versions have been uploaded to Mozilla’s Addon site to fix some status bar and form field bugs. Look for them coming your way via Firefox’s addon updates soon.

12 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Could you make a oakland raiders theme for firefox

  2. m74uk says:

    Do you have any themes with enlarged scrollbars and/or icons and tabs suitable for touchscreen monitors

  3. 44 says:

    Dude your themes are awesome!I love them all but there are no updates for the iAqua and extero.Will you update them for FireFox 3.5?If the answer is No can I try to update them for Firefox 3.5?

  4. Steven Moncivais says:

    I concur with 44.
    I know you have other things to do than write FF themes, what with the baby coming and all…
    …but an iAqua update would be much appreciated.

  5. 44 says:

    I have the same thoughts.iAqua and extero are awesome and now I have a lot free time.If they are not going to get updated I can update them.I hope the creator will reply soon. 🙂

  6. Thomas says:

    iAqua and extero are unfortunately not coming. I’m working on a blog post now and would be thrilled if someone wants to take them over.

  7. 44 says:

    Does this mean it’s ok to take them over? 🙂

  8. Jonathan Guthrie says:

    hey can u send me the files to the oklahoma sooners theme i want it but there is no update so i guess i am willing to make it myself send to [email protected]

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