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Sync Google Calendar & Thunderbird

If you’ve upgraded to Thunderbrid 2.0 you can now run the Provider extension that will sync Google Calendar and Thunderbird running the calendar extension.

It’s very easy to setup thanks to’s instructions. I tested it out this morning and it worked flawlessly. Ok, maybe one minor issue. It seems that it ‘automagically’ populated my Google username and it wasn’t correct. I had to switch it. But other than that, the directions are dead on and easy to follow.

I’ll play around with it and see if I can get it to also Sync in iCal but I’m not sure if that’ll work. I can subscribe to a Google Calendar in iCal, but not do two way edting unless I buy a third party app. And with Thunderbird in the mix, that’s more like three way editing.

But, back on topic, syncing Google Calendar and Thunderbird is now as easy as pie and I’m very impressed!!

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  1. evan says:

    Wow, I’ve been trying to set up gcaldaemon on my mac and linux box. Now I have half of the equation solved (as gcaldaemon has confounded me).

  2. Thomas says:

    I don’t get gcaldaemon. Sounded to geeky for me and that’s pretty bad.

  3. tiller says:

    I use the Zindus Thunderbird addon to sync Thunderbird contacts with Google:

  4. Hey TwisterMc:

    I also wrote a post on how to sync Google Calendar with you, so you can edit your calendar offline with Thunderbird + Lightning.

    Hope that give you different idea about using Google Calendar while traveling.

    Sync Google Calendar with Thunderbird + Lighting – Travel with Google Calendar

  5. Josiah says:

    Any ideas on how to sync an existing Thunderbird calendar with Google Calendar? Every tutorial I read has you creating a new calendar in Thunderbird. I already have a calendar in TB full of dates, and I want it viewable online. Thoughts?

    • Thomas says:

      First off, are you on a Mac or Windows? If a Mac then check out BusySync or BusyCal.

      Or, if you have all your events in one calendar, then export them and import them into your Google Calendar after you have all the syncing setup.

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