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MelloTrello – A Sleek Trello Theme

MelloTrello 1.1 has been released. MelloTrello is a Trello theme that can be applied with Stylish. It’s meant to be easy on the eyes and be a bit Mac like. Install via or fork via GitHub. With MelloTrello Without Stylish is available for: Chrome Safari Firefox I’ve only tested in MelloTrello in Chrome and […]

Saying Goodbye Remember The Milk Pro

A year ago I decided to try Remember the Milk Pro, however this year, I have decided that it’s not for me. I was trying to replace Toodledo with Remember The Milk. RTM has a nicer interface, seems simpler, a lot of people rave about it and it just felt like a good move. A […]

14 Super Simple Ways to Get Things Done GTD

With everyone so obsessed with getting things done (GTD) I thought I’d share a few easy tips to get started on getting things done today. Stop Twittering. Only your stalkers need to know your every move. Turn of instant messaging. *bleep* Can you help me? *bleep* Can you fix this. *bleep* Are you ignoring me? […]

View Google Calendar in Thunderbird

Update: Here is the best way to sync Google Calendar & Thunderbird. Works like a charm. Getting Things Done (GTD) is very popular these days and people are always looking for an easy way to save another minute. With that in mind, I’ve found a simple way to view my Google Calendar in Thunderbird. Step […]