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MelloTrello – A Sleek Trello Theme

MelloTrello 1.1 has been released.

MelloTrello is a Trello theme that can be applied with Stylish. It’s meant to be easy on the eyes and be a bit Mac like.

Install via or fork via GitHub.

With MelloTrello

MelloTrello Theme


Trello Screenshot

Stylish is available for:

I’ve only tested in MelloTrello in Chrome and Safari on my Mac but it should work fine with any modern browser.

MelloTrello is sure to have some bugs so please report them, or better yet, do a pull request and fix them.

MelloTrello has not been tested with a paid Trello account or any third party extensions or apps.

There’s no mobile support either unless someone knows how to make that happen.

Feel free to use the code to create your own style too.

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