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Now Twittering & Tumbling

Twitter Tumbler LogoI’m now on Twitter and Tumblr and checking them out. I actually signed up for Twitter a long time ago, but never used it. It’s like IM only to a wider audience or so I understand. I don’t really see the point. However, I do have cool Firefox extension that makes Twittering soooo easy. Now I’m really checking it out and giving it a full test drive before giving up. 😉

I’m also on Tumblr and quite enjoying that. It’s like a scrapbook where you can save sites, images, links and videos. Part blog part social bookmarking. Easy to use and I’m enjoying that. Every time I come across something cool in my feeds, I Tumble it for later.

Of course I have Yahoo 360, MySpace, FaceBook, Linkdin, MyBlogLog and lots of other social media/networking accounts too. Most of which I don’t use often.

If you want to be my friend look me up. My user name is TwisterMc on about all of them so I shouldn’t be hard to find. 🙂

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