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What’s with the Ask Algorithm Commercials?

If you’ve been watching TV, you may have seen the Ask algorithm commercials. The one I keep seeing is a little kid asking his dad if they have a good algorithm. I’m not sure what audience they are targeting but I doubt many people will understand it. Heck, I’m a search geek and I don’t find it that interesting.

Another one of their billboard says ‘The Algorithm Killed Jeeves’. Well, that doesn’t make me want to use it. If the algorithm offed the butler, it doesn’t sound like a cool thing to me. I liked Jeeves!

It’ll be interesting to see where Ask goes with these commercials. From what I understand, they are done by an agency that does the Burger King commercials and I don’t like most of them either. Except the ‘Spongebob No Pants’ one. That one made me smile. 🙂

I like Ask and I think they are doing a good thing by getting their brand in front of more people. I just question if the tactics being used are going to resonate with viewers, or be over their heads.

Ohh and if you don’t know what an algorithm is, it’s the way a search engine ranks websites in order to give the user the best results.

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