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Online Only Get Mac Ads

Apple is taking their TV Get Mac ads and creating web specific ones. Since I block most advertising on the net, I didn’t notice until yesterday. These sure beat out any ‘punch the monkey’ ads or giant pigs with the 50 states on them trying to get me to re-finance. Hopefully Apple will help re-invent the online advertising game too as it’s horribly outdated.

Check out the online only Get Mac ads below.

There is also one created specifically for I wasn’t able to find the YouTube version so here is the direct link. Since this is the actual ad, you’ll have to hit the ‘Click to play with sound’ button as they won’t automatically play with sound (thank God). It’ll also show at 100% of your screen size.

I have to say, I really like the Get Mac ads and think they are very enjoyable. To bad I’m not the target audience as I’ve always been a Mac guy. 🙂

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