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Ride ValleyFairs Wild Thing – POV Videos

Ever wanted to ride ValleyFair’s roller coaster from the comfort of your home?  Now you can. Just watch this vide, full screen, and it’ll seem like you’re in the front seat! Another, smoother, view can be seen here. It’s animated so you don’t get as many nice background graphics, but it’s fun as well. Note: […]

WordPress 3 Login Error Animation – No No No

It’s a small new feature in WordPress 3 but a fun one. On the login screen, if you enter your username or password incorrectly, it shakes the screen at you in a disapproving manor. “No no no, that’s just not right” is what WordPress is telling you. I wonder how many other small, but fun, […]

Kid Rock – Amen Video

When I heard that Kid Rocks new song was going to be up next on the radio yesterday I almost switched stations. But I didn’t. What I heard was great song that speaks the truth our country, our world today. The songs called Amen and everyone can relate to it. Now, if I could only […]

Workin’ For A Livin’ Video – Garth Brooks & Huey Lewis

I thought I’d give another treat to the many Garth fans who’ve stopped by the More Than A Memory video post. Here is the video for Workin’ For A Living’ featuring Garth Brooks, Huey Lewis and Nascar! This has to be my favorite new song off the Ultimate Hits collection.

Watch Garth Brooks’ More Than a Memory Music Video

To go along with his latest single, Garth Brooks has released the video to More Than A Memory. Watch it now: This is, at first glance, More than a Memory is not one of my favorite Garth music videos. I think it’s quite depressing and … well … Garth should keep his shirt on. 🙂 […]

Online Only Get Mac Ads

Apple is taking their TV Get Mac ads and creating web specific ones. Since I block most advertising on the net, I didn’t notice until yesterday. These sure beat out any ‘punch the monkey’ ads or giant pigs with the 50 states on them trying to get me to re-finance. Hopefully Apple will help re-invent […]

VS: Daniel Powter – Bad Day

The week of August 2nd 2005, iTunes’ free single of the week was a song called Bad Day by unknown artist Daniel Powter. A few months later, American Idol shot the song to #1 by using it as the shows signature song for the 2006 season. Before American Idol though, there was a very clever […]