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Watch Garth Brooks’ More Than a Memory Music Video

To go along with his latest single, Garth Brooks has released the video to More Than A Memory.

Watch it now:

This is, at first glance, More than a Memory is not one of my favorite Garth music videos. I think it’s quite depressing and … well … Garth should keep his shirt on. 🙂

What did you think of the music video?

Bonus: Watch out Workin’ for A Livin’.

153 Responses

  1. emily says:

    that coulda been a lot better, for the words in that song. its kind of borng cuz he stands around alot

  2. Christine says:

    I love the video – and Garth without a shirt? He looks great!!

  3. April says:

    I have been a Garth Brooks fan since I was 14 years old and saw his performance when he sang The Dance,I can tell that he puts his heart&Soul in to each and every video,Some of my personal favorites are The Thunder Rolls,The Dance,And Now More Than A Memory,I love the music how it all balances out and makes you think and wonder,as far as the shirt comment about him leaving it on he should leave that off more He is Hot…. Congratulations on the success of the video

  4. Bekah says:

    Best part of the video…Beer…Mmmmmm

  5. karen says:

    i liked the rain,because heart break feels like its raining on u all the time.but garth should have lip

  6. Laura says:

    So, it could have been better but it could have been worse. I am a die-hard Garth fan. Always have been and always will be, but I gotta say he looks great — with his shirt on. This song, along with Shameless, The Dance, What She’s Doing Now, and Tomorrow Never Comes definitely falls into my top 5 Garth songs, and it’s near the top. Great job on an amazing song Garth!!

  7. kimberly says:

    This is my favorite song. The words are so powerful.
    But the vid isn’t his best one.

  8. Kaitlin says:

    i loved the song and video…
    and i disagree…
    i’d like to see garth brooks with his shirt off anyday!

  9. Paige says:

    Totally Love this Music Video… Oh MY God… Garth Brooks Is still The Greatest:) Cant wait for this CD to come out…. 🙂 And hes Still Looking Sexy 🙂 Lol.. 🙂 He he he
    I agree with Kaitlin, I wouldnt kick him out of bed for eating Crackers:) Lol:)

  10. Julie says:

    love the song

  11. Andrew says:

    A great video. It says alot that he can convey such emotion on the video without saying a word. I would have liked a hightened action at the big point in the song, but otherwise superb

  12. soulrider71 says:

    As good as the dance I love it !!!!!

  13. Angela says:

    I think this song touches more people than it doesn’t. It really hits home! You people with negative comments wouldn’t know a GOOD song if it bit you in the ASS!!! So you guys need to just stay on the couch. We all LOVED it! keep up the good work Mr. Brooks

    With love from Aloha,Oregon

  14. Jo says:

    Garth……no shirt………yummy!!!!!!!

  15. Dee says:

    Garth is back and is still as hot as ever! Love you Garth! What a song….

  16. John says:

    This is my life word for word, memorie for memorie.

  17. Jeanne says:

    Are you kiddin’ me??? How can anyone argue how terrific he looks shirtless! Thanks for the “extra” treat Garth- Love ya!!

  18. Cathy says:

    Classic Garth and I love it. He has always had a way of touching my heart in a way no other singer ever has. His music takes me to other places and times. Thank you for making new music, Garth. Also, I think he’s looking pretty damn hot…even looks like he’s been hitting the gym since I last saw him.

  19. Kim says:

    I much would have rather seen Garth singing in this video! The rain inside was dark, cold, and depressing! He looks great w/out his shirt, considering how fat & outa shape he was b4 retiring! Your site was the only way I could find this video online! Great job of posting this!!!

  20. Candi says:

    Forget her, You can have me !0!. I love the video! my fav. part is when the rain fell off his hat and made a shadow on his face like he was cryin! i LOVE GartH!

  21. Nicole says:

    I luv dis video an da song!

  22. Kelly says:

    Is it me or is Garth hotter than ever?

  23. Fran Fewell says:

    WoW!!!! Another hit!!!!!! That is the best so far..I loved the song but know that I have seen the video, it really brings it to life….Been there

  24. princess says:


  25. Debra says:

    I love the song and video. Garth looks great without the shirt!

  26. SEAN says:


  27. Sherrie says:

    I think the song and the video are both absolutely AMAZING! It’s so emotional and very powerful! It portrays exactly what heartache feels like. Rock on Garth!

  28. Angela K says:

    I think the vid goes well with the song. The feeling of being totaly consumed with pain and anger over a break up feels alot like being caught in a downpour that will never end.
    Thanks Garth, you look good without a shirt.

  29. MarcAnthony says:

    I’ve been in this situation. You can really feel the song if you’ve lived it. I was lucky enough to turn my situation around and make her my wife. GREAT SONG & VID!!

  30. Jessica says:

    Absolutely loved the song and video…. and seeing Garth without his shirt! Very yummy.

  31. johanna says:

    I love Garth Brooks, in clothes or out of them, singing or not, sitting or standing, wet or dry. I saw this man perform before he retired, and having been to hundreds of concerts in my life, i have never seen any one person have such a stage presence. He is so charasmatic and makes the audience feel like they are part of the show. He is a fantastic live performer. He is one of those rare ppl who have that special something that makes everyone look, but cant put your finger on. I love his music and i am anxious to see if he will come out of retirement and give some of these youngsters a good damn run for thier money, because he would make em all look a fool if he did. He is a master at what he does, and looks damn fine to me. I love the song and the video is heartbreaking…after all these years he still knows how to make the ladies swoon, i know this one does…

  32. Kim says:

    Totally love the song, the video and oh yeah, Garth with his shirt off!! Although I’m glad from your Male perspective that you didn’t enjoy that part. But, from the female perspective, I’ve gotta’ say…Garth is looking as Hot as Ever! Very Sexy Garth!!!!Love Ya!

  33. Bailey says:

    This is a life changing song, it has more meaning to me than any other song.

  34. heather says:

    Gotta say probably one of my favorite Garth videos of ALL time…
    and about him having his shirt off – my opinion? he should leave it off all the time. cuz – WOW. haha. 🙂 He’s totally hot. always thought so.

    oh – and i saw him perform Friday night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City and let me tell you – it was AMAZING!! it was my first Garth concert and he blew me away! 🙂

  35. cynthia says:

    Oh my gosh! Garth Brooks is incredible. I saw him in Little Rock several years ago. He took my breath away then and I can truly say he gives me the same feeling.

    WHAT A GREAT VIDEO! I don’t find it boring at all. I can relate to it 100%.

    Thanks Garth for the memories!

  36. Amy Short says:

    What an awesome job… talk about a comeback…, Garth rocks!!!!!!!!! I think so many people will connect with this song. It may be depressing but it’s so real and I love raw emotion… real life isn’t always cotton candy & butterflies. I know the kind of gut wrenching breath taking pain that you want to just drown away… this is slit your throat country like from days past… luv, luv, luv… hope he wins an award for this!! Can’t wait for more…

  37. Elizabeth says:

    I loved the whole package! The lyrics the music and the video! It was all awesome! Definitely one of my favorites! I am going through exactly what he is going through in this video, i felt like he wrote the song for me (only mine is about a guy…lol) When your without that one person your truly meant to be with it cant do anything but rain all day long inside or out!

  38. Amy says:

    WOOOOOOWEEEEEE… What a man!! I loved the song from the first time I heard it and the video was fabulous!!! I am 52 years young and enjoy everything he does!!! Trisha is a lucky girl but I think she knows that…Keep ’em coming Garth…you are LOVED

  39. Liz says:

    I love the song. Not a big fan of the video. The song has such deep meaning that the video just doesnt live up to. I know this song is about a break up. But everytime i hear it i cant help but think about my uncle. My aunt passed away this july and i heard it for the first time shortly after the funeral. This part especially
    “Cause when you’re talking out loud and nobody is there
    you look like hell and you just don’t care
    you’re drinking more than you ever drank
    and sinking down lower than you ever sank
    When you find yourself falling down upon your knees
    praying to God, begging him “please”
    that’s when she’s
    more than a memory “

  40. johm says:

    i love this song i can relate a lot to it and it is so awesome

  41. Chrissy says:

    My best friend died a couple weeks ago. As a woman that had the best friends that she does. She is More Than a Memory. We had to take all her pictures off the wall. We also had to burn her garbage which was some things she wrote.
    We have been drinking to much. Michelle went to her house and called me looking for me to tell it was ok. This song is so close to home. It was written and sung to us. I believe it is a blessing

  42. carey says:

    This is exactly how i feel. The vidoe is perfect!! This is exactly what ive been doin for the last few days. Garth hit this one perfectly. I can’t stop listening to the song. It really hits home.

  43. patterson558 says:

    This is absolutley the most AWESOME song that Garth Brooks has ever done. AWESOME!!!!!!

  44. Georgianna Grow says:

    This video is different….but that’s the genre of it….depressing. Garth Brooks can take his shirt off anytime he wants.

  45. Estella Marie says:

    this song is uber amazing….I listen to pop/rap all the time…but for so,e reason I am hooked on this song…It kinda reminds me of me and my b/f….love it to death

  46. Theresa says:

    Garth is Back and Better than Ever!! Why I am suprised that More Than A Memory is was of those Great songs you just can’t get out of your head is beyond me. Of Course, Garth can do no less than perfection, Proven Himself Again!! Thanks, Garth, for another great memory!

  47. Theresa says:

    By the Way, Garth’s Body (Better Than Ever) I think he Looks Great with or without shirt or Hat.

  48. Jared says:

    O.K. this song is amazing. one of my favorites by far! But it pisses me off when i read all the blogs on this site and see people saying they are die hard fan of Garth Brooks but leave the shirt on. If your a die hard fan, then that wont matter. It was there choice of the video. I think the rain was a good affect in the video because nobody really does it anymore. Garth Brooks is by far the BEST country star.

  49. Jared says:

    One more thing, HE’S STILL ON FIRE!!! I heard this song made 1st in the polls or whatever IN THE FIRST WEEK! Whatever kind of success he had way back when, he still has it today!

  50. Jared says:

    In the issue of Billboard dated September 15, 2007, “More Than a Memory” became the first song to ever debut on the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts at Number One, setting a new record for highest debut on the country charts.

  51. Jasmine says:

    I am so happy Garth is back! Great song and a powerful video. Shirt or no shirt, Garth is an awesome entertainer!

  52. kim says:

    I love this song!!! Video kind of boring

  53. Liz says:

    Garth Brooks is a genius of music in general.. And his concerts are well worth paying for! He can TRULY call himself an entertainer!! This video in paticular, for those ladies who enjoyed seeing garth without a shirt, in the begining was shot in the shower with garth completely naked!! Yep that is right naked!!! Wished they would’ve panned down!! But they edited it.. damn them!! This video pin points what it is like to fall in love and have your heartbreak.. I think him not lip syncing was good because the song was about a man having his heart broke.. Not a singer portraying a man with his heart broke and singing.. It’s about every day life to me.. I loved it..

  54. cathy foisy says:

    Well everyone I think this video is greatttttt….
    I love garth he is amazing his words , music, and he still has his great body…..
    I could liston to his music 24/7 and i wouldnt change any thing about him at all … And yes his video with no shirt on that great i watch it all day long i can never get enough..I LOVE U GARTH

  55. Jan Callan says:

    Great video, especially because it’s been so long since he’s recorded anything…. also, like it because it is truly Garth! (doesn’t look so bad to me without the shirt!!)

  56. it and love him without his shirt, he is very human and real, Trisha is a lucky lady.

  57. Josaphine says:

    I wonder if this was how his wife felt when her left her for Trisha Yearwood……

  58. Ashley says:

    iT iS MUH FAV!
    i LOVE YOU BABY!!!!

    && iTS THA BEST ViDEO TOO!!!!
    i LOVE YOU!!!!

  59. kylie d says:

    he is so sexy and omg i remember when i was like 5 and i promised my mom and dad that i was gonna marry him but anyway this reminds me of a guy that i fell inlove with like a year ago named brian well i love this song and yes im crying rite now!!!!!!

  60. i think that garth is the man and he put out a great show on 11/14/07 i’ve been a grath fan for a long time i have seen all his shows. i hope he comes back again.hey where can i get a t-shirt i forgot to get one is there a website that sales garth shirts please let me know thanks

  61. carmella says:

    I think Garth Brooks is hot, no matter what song he sings, but this one is great and without the shirt wow !!!!

  62. john says:

    who cares if his shirt is on or off… an as for the video being boring, its not exactly an upbeat toe tapping song, it a classic country song about heartache an garth pulls it off perfectly!

  63. Liz says:

    I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. Not his best video, but it scores points with me because of the lack of a shirt. Hot!!

  64. Aly says:

    Story of my life right now…….couldn’t have released at better time. I think its awesome! I play it over and over again.

  65. Shelby says:

    I luv this song & music video but it is really sad

  66. Mike says:

    this is the best fn song ever. i have experienced most of that song.

  67. Shiv says:

    Wow.. This is a beautiful song… depressing yes…but it’s so emotional… No song has brought me to to tears b4 , but this has … a true love song…

  68. Lindsay says:

    This song is awesome. I love it. The video really brings it out. They are both awesome!!!!

  69. Susie Yong says:

    Loved it. I am going through the same thing right now and can relate. In fact, this song makes me feel less alone.

  70. Brent says:

    Its not really Garth, It’s A LOOK A LIKE.

  71. Kelley says:

    I met Garth in person back in 1994 and I can tell you he is a very kind, real, handsome man and the person who said he needs to keep his shirt on must be too young to appreciate a mature, sexy man. I will never forget meeting him…OR seeing him in concert three times. He is an amazing performer and an awesome human being.

  72. Laura says:

    I love this song because I think it hits exactly what heartbreak is, it may be depressing but it sure captures the exact feeling of a break up with someone you love

  73. 1Diamond says:

    My favorite Garth song. Love the video beacause I’m there now, after 22 yrs of marraige and three sons. She decided to leave, thought I could move on but she is more than a memory!

  74. Chelsie says:

    This video is amazing! I just lost my brother in August and I can relate to every word in the song. I have been a fan of his since I was old enough to sing and I think he is so sexy! As for the shirt situation, KEEP it OFF!!!!! 🙂

  75. jessica says:


    –taylor and jessica

  76. Mandy says:

    In my opinion i think Garth done a great come back. The scenes of “More Than A Memory” is great and Garth your still looking better than ever. I love your music, your my most favorite singer. Your music is very touching.

  77. All I can say is WOW, Garth Brooks is a great singer and super HOT with clothes on or off. I love this song and I can’t wait to hear more and see more of him.

    He has the sexiest voice I have ever heard, so powerful and every song you can relate to sometime in your life.

    Garth is wonderful and sexy too.

  78. B.Painter says:

    I can relate to this video. It hurts when you have your heart broken. Just went through that recently. I relate this song to the guy who broke my heart. Ya know, even when you get older it hurts like hell to get your heart broke, especially for no reason.

  79. colleen says:

    I loved it One of my favorites

  80. Dee says:

    My daughter saw this video and had to get me to look it up to watch it.. it sounds as if he is realizing just what he gave up and missing Sandy. Not only the marriage but the family. Alcohol = regrets and sadness right…along with many of his greatest hits he made, they are about his first wife Sandy..Great song!

  81. phil says:

    I live this song every day and have been for some time. Time does not heal all wounds especially the one caused by the most adoreable woman God ever put breath in.

  82. jESSIE says:


  83. ROB says:


  84. DEBBIE says:


  85. Stephanie says:

    is this song going to be in i tunes? i really want to get it but i don’t have enough money to buy the whole CD 🙁

  86. Bill says:


  87. vicki says:

    i have not always been an avid fan of garth brooks. but i LOVE this video. it is the best produced video he has ever had. and the shirt???—leave it off. he looks better than i ever dreamed he would. that is what a real man is supposed to look like. any man that can sing and look like that–he doesn’t need anything else.

  88. T says:

    This has got to be the best Garth song yet… First time I heard it, I had to turn the radio station… couldn’t stop crying! The words are so powerful. I thought about my ex husband that just recently passed away and everytime I hear it, I think about him. I will probably listen to this song atleast once a day for the rest of my life.

  89. Kimberly says:

    Love it!!!! Garth Brooks is the best. This is a wonderful song

  90. Kimmie says:

    Garth is so sexy. Love the way he looks and sings!!!!

  91. Craig says:

    yeah, umm.. amazing video, and to all those who said its ok, and claim to be garth fans… yer dumb.. he does all his vids just as he wants them, and if you don’t like it, then you arent a fan.. and as far as him with his shirt off… he isn’t trying to appease all you girls that are looking for some “hottie” he doesnt care, thats not the point of the video at all.. he wanted NOTHING in the video to distract from the meaning in the words, nor to be to crazy or extravagant.. its just supposed to be like the song is.. somber, depressed, exhausted.. just like you should feel when you are going through what he is going through in the song.. GREAT video.. and HELL YEAH GARTH BROOKS!!!!! can’t wait to follow his tour.. he’s coming for us.. all of us… just wait..

  92. Dean says:

    Powerful song that real and hits close to home. A man going thru an emotional breakup. Video is awesome (as a dude, i didn’t care to see him shirtless but glad the ladies like it). Garth has so many great songs but this ranks with The River as my top 2 favorite Garth songs.

  93. Francisco says:

    this songs says so much on so many different levels, and it plays my life for word for word. It just goes to show that in life, even when you think you have nothing left, you still know you have your memories and then you realize you even have more than that.

  94. Michael says:

    Shirt or not Garth provides a very powerful song with a video that is as truer tot he lyricsthan say sitting in a bar or pickup truck pouting or staring whimsically off in space.

    Garth proves clearly that he belongs/remains at the top of his game. Fans worldwide wait patiently for even a whiff of his talent.

    There is only one Garth Brooks

  95. Brandon says:

    This is classic Garth. Singing in the rain, if that’s not Garth, you don’t know who he is.

  96. Dawn says:

    Great song! I have only cried to one other song.. This is definately my favorite song now and the vid is perfect, I cant wait to see him on the 25th of Jan. I have been praying for him to come to So Cal for ever!!!!!!!!!!

  97. sara says:

    this is the best song!!! he made it even better and with the shirt off…..dang!! ouch!

  98. dana says:

    that is a great song….for all the guys that have broken hearts…love it

  99. Jordan says:

    Garth has such a good voice, he could sing anything and be good and as for the shirt…. ummm…… well thats for the woman to decide.
    keep it up garth

  100. JEANNE says:

    To Garth – you are in a class of your own. I love you and what you bring to music and video’s. The DANCE is my favorite….yet this new song is simply amazing.

  101. Tia says:

    I think that this song is a very good song. I wish that the had a girl singing a song just like this because I just got over a bad break up with some one who I really loved a lot.

  102. BRANDME says:

    great song…. write more like that it hits me in the heart …

  103. KINGPIN says:

    means alot as i just went thro a messy break up dec 22 2007 after 10 years i feel it for sure

  104. Sherry says:

    Awesome song and so ritght when you lose the person you love. Video could have been improved.

  105. amanda says:

    i believe this song is amazing and anyone who says anything against it; is obviously alone and never loved. this song truely deep. garth brooks is simply amazing :]]

  106. April Basil says:

    I think this is one of the best songs and videos that Garth has put out in a long time. With cancer raging in my family from my Husband,Son Mom,Dad & Sister in law to Aunts and Uncles this song really hits close to home for me.It is very emotional and oh so true every single last word. Thanks Garth for so a wonderful song. Also I might add Thank You for your donations to the Susan G Coleman Foundation from this song.
    April Basil

  107. Tricia Tondera says:

    Garth Brooks in my opinion is one of the most memorable country singers ever! I really enjoy listening to his new single. When I saw him on the “Tonight Show” I was so takin’ back how incredibly sweet he talks about his kids! He is first class all the way. I would love to just meet him briefly some day.

  108. Ellen says:

    Garth Brooks has always had amazing music that moves so many people. I grew up listening to his music, but some of you women really need to turn down the whore comments…. you sound totally desperate and he is way out of your league not to mention happily married!

  109. Michael says:

    A very powerful song and video. I watched it over and over. Sums up how I have felt after losing the girl I loved. Amazing.

  110. chadywak says:

    This video is masterfully done. It captures the feeling of the song perfectly. If he had sang during the video, it would not have accurately portrayed his feelings. How many of you want to sing when you are hurting terribly? The rain is exactly how a heartbroken person feels. The pouring never stops. Especiallly when doing the mundane, like showering and eating. Thanks Garth for doing it right. It was perfect fpr anyone who has been there.

  111. Travis says:

    everyone that thinks garth is wack….can kiss my a**….garth brooks is the best country music singer EVER!!!!!!!!!!! no matter what song garth puts out is a hit….mayb not all number ones but sit back and think how many #1’s he has had….what other country singer has sold out central park??????????????? yea shut up garth is the man and always will be until hes gone

    • rob says:

      he will be the man even wen he is gone i just wish i canc him live b4 that happens garth come to columbus ohio

  112. Vincent says:

    I love the song and music video!It’s my favorite song in the whole world!:) I love it!I’m going to perform it one of these days at a Talent Show or something!I’m working on to become a Country Singer!My nickname is Country Boy!:)

  113. Vincent says:

    By the way,Garth Brooks is my favorite Country Singer!He’s the best,ya’ll!:)

  114. LeEaNn says:

    I really love this song so much!

  115. I love this song so much!It reminds me of a time when I lost the one that I loved so much!But,now,I have someone that I love even more!I know that she’ll never leave me in the dark alone!If she did,I would never stop crying,and I would sing this song to whoever would want to listen to me sing one of my favorite Country Songs!More Than A Memory!By the way,I do sing Country,and I’ve loved Country Music for a year and a half now!Singing is my talent!This is to whoever cares!Well,if anyone would ever want to hear me sing,just remember my name!Vincent Paul Mirabella III!But,all you have to remember is Country Boy,okay?!Well,talk to ya’ll later,ya’ll! Country Boy!:)<3

  116. Christina says:

    I absolutely love this song!! I think that garth brooks is so hot and his voice is still the best in country music today! I am only 23 and would marry this guy in a heartbeat! Man I love this song!

  117. ice says:

    Great song hits home!!!!!!!!

  118. JJJ64 says:

    I am not even a real big country fan but I so love this song and video. I saw Garth in concert way back when “The Thunder Rolls” was a hit and he was awesome! I would love to see him sing this song live. It just has so much feeling!!

  119. Nicole says:

    I love this song, almost all of his sadder songs carry a grain of truth for anyone that has experienced anything in life. As for the comment earlier that the rain made it a dark and depressing video… DUH! Thats the point! Losing someone you love, through divorce or otherwise makes your life feel like that for a long long time. And as for Garth without a shirt, I think he is as good looking as ever, with or without.

  120. txtknogk says:

    Wonderful song! Wonderful original video! I’ve seen him perform it in person eight times since last November–Garth is amazing! Please come back!!

  121. elexia10 says:


  122. christina says:


  123. maddie says:

    best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost cry every time i watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  124. Bo deuce says:

    I love this video and song it hurts to watch and listen to but i think it helps me get over her death,,,

  125. JM says:

    I have read the positive comments about this song. Although I really like Garth Brooks, and hope that he continues to make music, I don’t like this song very much. He has many other songs that are much better than this one.

  126. april says:

    i think once again and as always it is another garth hit. and by the way with or without a shirt, that’s what a real man looks like honey. if you don’t like don’t look. more for me.

  127. Hannah says:

    I love this song when ever I listen to it…. it makes me cry.:( “More Than A Meomory” sure hit me hard now that my boyfriend as just dumped me. I can relate so much I’ve been in real deprssion latly. No Joke:( I just really want to say that Grath Brooks really nailed this one!!! It amazing!!!

  128. jeannie says:

    Ya know there are times in life when you lose someone you care about so abruptly that the shock of it is overwhelming and hard to get over. And then when you least expect it you hear a song that reflects the pain you feel inside so perfectly that you wonder how on earth that person knew how you felt when they wrote it. I often think of the person i lost and it still hits me hard all I can do is cry. And i know for me this person will always be more than a memory. This song is awesome, this video is exactly the way the its supposed to be. Btw, Trent Parrish if you ever read this you’d better pic up a damn phone and call me!!

  129. I did the rain and fire effects and thought the video was great, didn’t know what the song was a it was never played during filming for security reasons Garth Brooks is a true gentlemen and when things didn’t go perfect or it was long and miserable he still addressed the crew by first name and a smile. I wish all the talents in the world had half the respect for others this man has. Ok that’ll bout do it….

  130. Thomas says:

    Extremely cool wayne!! Must have been fun to work with Garth. I’m jealous.

  131. Nate says:

    Great video, love the bottle blowing up in the grate.

  132. heather says:

    OMG!! the best ever…
    love it..

  133. natalie says:

    #2 Best GB video…. 2nd only to “The Red Strokes”, a classic.

  134. diane says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. elexia10 says:

    Sing it Garth!!!! Your still hott and sexy…………….

  136. cindy says:

    This song has it all. Every time i hear this i cry it is a very painful memory. But a kickass song.

  137. David says:

    This song reminds me of my past wife its a very painful memory as well. Garth you couldnt have done it better way to go.

  138. Kristine Hoffman says:

    I love this song this is one and only song that I actually like when I first saw it on CMT I just fell in love with it and with Garth Brooks singing it. He does have an awesome voice. Hope to see it again.

  139. Randi says:

    I absolutely love this song and when I tried to buy it from iTunes they didn’t have it …. Just some banjo picking version sung by someone else so if anyone knows how I can’t the version sung by Garth please let me know!!!!

  140. Ray K says:

    Great song. And his body looked optimized for purposes of this video. Freakin’ hot.

  141. Sanguine Crow says:

    Hey see if you look that good at that age and then criticize, lol. Still, I am glad he is back.

  142. Paul M. says:

    You can tell from these comments who has had their heart broken and who hasn’t. I loved the imagery of this video, things like trying to dry off with a wet towel, light a fire with wet matches, etc., because that’s how you feel! Like nothing makes sense a d nothing is worth doing. As far as Garth leaving his shirt on? Sounds like you like ‘cowboys’ that write ALL their songs about beaches. Stick with em, I’ll take Garth anyday.

  143. Kevin C says:

    Paul M nailed it. If you know, you know and the vibe, mood and video are spot on!!

  144. deborah fenker says:

    I love this video. It’s about the feeling, which resonates PROFOUNDLY if you’ve ever felt it.

  1. 2/5/2008

    […] thought I’d give another treat to the many Garth fans who’ve stopped by the More Than A Memory video […]

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