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Workin’ For A Livin’ Video – Garth Brooks & Huey Lewis

I thought I’d give another treat to the many Garth fans who’ve stopped by the More Than A Memory video post. Here is the video for Workin’ For A Living’ featuring Garth Brooks, Huey Lewis and Nascar! This has to be my favorite new song off the Ultimate Hits collection.

Watch Garth Brooks’ More Than a Memory Music Video

To go along with his latest single, Garth Brooks has released the video to More Than A Memory. Watch it now: This is, at first glance, More than a Memory is not one of my favorite Garth music videos. I think it’s quite depressing and … well … Garth should keep his shirt on. 🙂 […]

Video Spotlight: The Red Strokes – Garth Brooks

In today’s video spotlight I have one of my all time favorite videos. It’s The Red Strokes by Garth Brooks. The use of paint in this video is a great effect, however it wasted a lot of materials. To shoot the video it took 5,000 gallons of paint and they went through 12 white Stetson […]