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Video Spotlight: The Red Strokes – Garth Brooks

In today’s video spotlight I have one of my all time favorite videos. It’s The Red Strokes by Garth Brooks.

The use of paint in this video is a great effect, however it wasted a lot of materials. To shoot the video it took 5,000 gallons of paint and they went through 12 white Stetson cowboy hats, 18 full tuxes and 6 baby grand pianos.

A clip from behind the scenes even says that the first take of lowering Garth into the paint went very wrong and he was very thankful. The pain was to thick and the lowering device jammed. This was good as the paint was also cold and Garth’s body temp was dropping fast. With thinner, and warmer, paint, the second take was perfect.

The outcome of this video is great and one of my favorite music videos ever.

Sorry… the video has been removed from most video sites thanks to the record labels.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Do you know why this track wasnt featured on his Ultimate Hits CD/DVD? Seems like a big thing to miss off – is there any history behind it??

  2. Thomas says:

    Holy crap it’s not. That’s very strange. There has to be a good back story somewhere.

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