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Android ROMs kind of suck and are kind of awesome at the same time.

So many ROMS

I’m not sure if I should love or hate ROMs on Android. It seems that every other week or so I find a new cool ROM to install. Then I waste the next few hours, or days, getting it installed and configured like I want.

This is kind of awesome because I’m not limited. I can install one of many different ROMs that developers make. I can get new features that aren’t officially supported by my phone and even get the latest OS. I can be on the cutting edge software wise while my phone is considered old and the manufacturer doesn’t really support it.

It kind of sucks too because I lose so much time re-doing everything. It’s not like all my settings just move over. It’s basically starting from scratch each time. Even if I do app backups and transfer them to the new ROM, there is quite a bit of setup to-do. I’d be much better off spending that time doing anything else.

Then when I do get done setting up the new ROM, I find something that doesn’t work or the ROM just mis-behaves and I end up going back to something that I had before that I feel works better. ROMs can be flakey and you really don’t know what you are getting into until you get them installed and run them for a while.

I guess it’s a good thing and a bad thing. I’m sure I’ll keep flashing ROMs and continue to complain about them too. The ROM developers are awesome and it’s great that Android lets us do this, however it’s really not helping my to-do list get done.

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