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Fix the HTC/Droid Null Error in Facebook

Facebook Null Error

When I got my Droid Incredible a few weeks back, it came with Facebook pre-installed. So I just started using it.

Then I started getting null errors when I tried to refresh or load content. There was no rhyme or reason either and it didn’t happen all the time.


Turns out, HTC doesn’t have the latest version of Facebook installed on their phones. To make it worse, it doesn’t auto-update either.

To fix, just go into the Android Market, search for Facebook and install it. It’ll then update your Facebook app and fix the issue. Not to mention it’ll look nicer.

There are over 500 messages on Facebook regarding this error. You’d think that HTC, Verizon or whomever is in charge of installing apps would get it updated; but they don’t.

Good news is that it’s an easy fix.

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