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The Things I Love About My Android Phone


It’s been just over two months since I got my Android phone and there are things I love, and things I don’t like so much.

Here are just a few things I love.

Having the ability to get information out of an app without opening it is great. I can turn see the status of Wifi or GPS without opening the system settings. I can also enable or disable them with just one touch. I also have an app that can lock or unlock the phone and a whole screen dedicated to my calendar so I can just scroll to it and see what’s going on. No opening apps means I can do things faster.

The Weather Widget
The weather widget is just cool. I’m a big fan of the weather to begin with but now when it’s snowing out, snowflakes fall on the phone screen. When it’s cold, frost builds up. From rain drops to sun beams, the weather animations are awesome.

The Camera
The camera is actually pretty good. Especially if I’m outside in natural light. I’ve got a few great photos on it and I’m pretty impressed with the camera and video camera.

Speech to Text
Not sure if iOS can do this, but in Android there is the option to speak what you want to type and it’ll convert it to text. Works pretty well to as long as you speak slowly and clearly. Since it’s built into the OS, I can use it in Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and any app.

The Notification Bar
This is actually a very Mac’ish feature and iOS doesn’t have it. Android has a bar across the top of the screen to show you notifications. New emails, Facebook messages, text messages and all sorts of things. It doesn’t matter what screen you are on, the notification bar is always there.

Google Integration
I’m a big Google fan and having Google everywhere on this phone works well for me. From email to calendar, maps and voice, it all just works and works well.

There are a lot of other cool things that are probably on every other phone, but this is my first smart phone so I’m having lots of fun with it. 🙂

In no means would I say that Android is better than the iPhone. I think they both have their strong suites and the competition between the two will make both better.

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