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For some reason, all the toys are banned from the basement.

We’re not quite sure why, but last night Lily decided to put all her toys on the other side of the safety gate.

She started by dropping the ones she was playing with on the other side of the gate. She then usually says oh oh, points, and expects us to come get them for her. Instead, she grabbed a few more and tossed them over too.

She spent the next 15 minutes finding every toy, book, bag and stuffed animal she could and just tossed them over the gate. When all was said and done, we couldn’t go upstairs.

Pile of Toys

We did however have a very clean basement. We took this opportunity to vacuum and then I helped her get all the toys back. Of course, putting them back where she found them wasn’t on her agenda.

It was funny to watch and I’m not sure why she was so dead set on cleaning out all the toys. She had fun though and will probably do it again.

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