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Remember Construx Toys?

My brother and I had a bunch of Legos as kids but we also had Construx. Construx were similar to Legos in the fact that you put all the pieces together to make whatever you want. Your imagination is in control. “Construx are unique building parts that snap together allowing children to build large and […]

Constructing A Marble Maze Tower

Lily and I had fun building a marble maze tower. We didn’t have any instructions, we just built it bigger and bigger. It wasn’t the most stable of structures, but it was a lot of fun. Seconds after this video was taken the tower was destroyed.

Wait. Our garage sale tricycle is worth how much?

I recently wroteabout how we got some great deals on a garage sale and one of those was a tricycle for $5. While searching for instructions on how to adjust the seat, I had quite an amazing discovery. It seems that Kettler trikes retail for $200! Damn! This was one great find and we’ll have to be […]

Spoiling Lily and getting great deals.

When you have a kid, you realize how expensive they can be. However, with a little bit of looking, you can find great deals. Lily loves to swing, so we looked at getting her a swing for the back yard. We went back and forth on the decision until we found the one we wanted on […]