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Remember Construx Toys?

Construx Toys

My brother and I had a bunch of Legos as kids but we also had Construx.

Construx were similar to Legos in the fact that you put all the pieces together to make whatever you want. Your imagination is in control.

“Construx are unique building parts that snap together allowing children to build large and strong items that can be played with. Construx includes lots of action parts such as wheels, pulleys, hinges, turntable, and more allowing children to build everything from movable bridges to realistic spaceships.” via This Old Toy

It turns out Mom saved all of our Construx and now I own a bunch of Construx.

I guess Construx were discontinued in 1988; five years after they came out so if I’m missing any pieces I’m out of luck.

Time to get building!

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