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Android apps for Chromebooks are one hot mess.

I was excited when they said that Chromebooks were going to get real apps, Android apps, and today they released a few. I quickly downloaded Evernote and it turns out it’s very rough around the edges and not ready for users.

The first time I tried to download Evernote, it failed. Second try worked.

First launch of Evernote failed too and I was told the app stopped responding. Second launch worked though.

When trying to enter my email on the login screen the keyboard didn’t work. Not sure why, but it didn’t type anything. After clicking around and hitting the keyboard, it eventually it started working. Then I was finally logged in!

Evernote App Chromebook

Once logged in, Evernote synced all my data and things looked really nice. However, pain points still exist.

While taking notes I realized that it didn’t spell check anything. I tried to right-click, and just get the blue Android cursor. Turns out spell check isn’t a feature yet.

I then tried to cut some text and move it around the keyboard when crazy. I’d hit undo and it’d randomly delete text. Then I tried to hit backspace to remove a period and it removed a sentence. WFT?! Eventually I just gave up.

Another annoying thing is that you can’t resize the app windows. Can’t be full screen, can’t be smaller. It’s one size fits all.

Syncing worked well though.

Seriously, it’s just messed up. I don’t know if that’s due to the Evernote app, the latest Chromebook update (I’m seeing issues there too), or this cross-platform programming that they are doing. Either way, it’s not ready for users.

It’s a great idea, but not usable at this time.

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