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We built a treehouse!

During the summer of COVID my family and I had time to build a tree house. I’m not the most talented in the area of building things, but, with a little bit of help, we were able to accomplish it!

Finished Treehouse
The Finished Treehouse

A huge thanks goes out to my neighbors who let me borrow tools, helped haul boards, and gave some much needed advice. Without them, this treehouse project would still be a pipe dream.

For the most part, we followed the instructions over at WikiHow. I pretty much skipped down to Part 3: Building a Secure Platform. WikiHow’s instructions were pretty good, but I can’t say they were perfect. They definitely skimmed over some things like building a nice railing (their example wasn’t for me) or making you understand the overall dimensions. That was something that required me to nicely ask the neighbor again and again for one “last” trip to Menards for more boards.

Here’s our progress.

Base Treehouse Boards
Foundation Complete
Starting Treehouse Floor
Now we need a floor.
Girl on Treehouse Floor
The floor holds a human!
Starting of Treehouse Railing
Starting to add the railing.
Finished Treehouse
The Finished Treehouse

The treehouse is looking pretty good and I’m very happy with it; so is my daughter. However, it does need a roof to keep some of the sun out and I’m starting to brainstorm some other ideas. Slide? Zip Line? Second floor?! What fun things could we do?

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  1. Josh says:

    Well done! Perhaps a bucket on a pulley/string would be a good addition. I can’t wait to see how you decide to finish it

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