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15 Custom Full Firefox Themes

One nice thing about Firefox is that you can theme it with some CSS. You can make minor modifications or go completely custom. Not only can you change colors, but you can move things around and create custom browser experiences.

Here are some pretty awesome looking Firefox themes that you can install today.

Do keep in mind that Firefox does have some differences on different operating systems so not everything will work perfectly if the author didn’t test on your OS. Additionally, Firefox updates can break themes as the browser evolves. If something isn’t right, you’ll either wait for an update or make the fixes yourself if you know how to code.


Moonlight Firefox Screen Shot

Firefox GNOME theme

Firefox Gnome Theme Screenshot

elementary OS

elementary OS Firefox Theme Screenshot

Firefox Safari Style

Firefox Safari Style Theme Screen Shot

FF Midnight

FF Midnight  Firefox Screen Shot

MaterialFox (Mimic Chrome)

MaterialFox  Firefox Screen Shot

Firefox etals

Firefox etals Theme Screenshot

Sweet Theme

Firefox Sweet Theme Screenshot

Aqua (Mimic Safari)

Aqua  Firefox Screen Shot


Slickfox Firefox Theme Animation

Firefox Transparent One-Line/Two-Line

Firefox Transparent One-Line/Two-Line Theme Screenshot

Safari-esque Light & Dark

Safari-esque Firefox Theme Screenshot


Firefox-Mod Theme Screenshot


Slimbar Firefox Theme Screenshot

Simplify Silver Peach for Firefox

Simplify Silver Peach Firefox Theme Screenshot


MozFox Firefox Theme Screenshot
My own Firefox Theme

There’s a lot more out there, but they’re hard to find. I typically find them by searching GitHub or following FirefoxCSS on Reddit. FirefoxCSS is also a great place to start learning how to create your own custom Firefox themes.

Which themes are your favorite? Or do you have any to share? Let me know in the comments below or @TwisterMc.

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  1. Kenya Smith says:

    There are some beautiful themes for Firefox here, but I don’t know how to install a GitHub theme. And I bet I’m not the only one.

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