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TwisterMc BeaverBuilder Modules Fixed & New Additions

City Construction with BeaverBuilder logo and TwisterMc logo

Imagine my surprise when I went to use my BeaverBuilder modules plugin and things were completely broken. Not sure what went wrong but the code was really messed and no one noticed; either that or they just didn’t tell me.

Good news though, it’s been fixed! Slick Slider actually works like it’s supposed to with options in the right areas and errors gone away.

Not only that, but I also added two new modules.

Download Button
Allows you to select a PDF from the media library and make it available for users to download.

YouTube module that just accepts a YouTube url and embeds the video on the page. I know it’s easy to embed YouTube videos in WordPress already, but this makes it even easier for clients.

Most of my modules come from other projects I’m working on, so who knows what I’ll add next, but if anything doesn’t work as expected, please let me know.

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