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GiveWP Beaver Builder Modules

Give and BeaverBuilder Logos

If you’re running Beaver Builder and have GiveWP for donations, there’s a great plugin to integrate the two.

BB Connect for Give Donations adds three new modules to Beaver Builder.

Donation Form
Easily add donation forms including settings for how the form displays; show on page, reveal on click, popup on click, or button only.

Donation Form Goal
If your raising money and you have a target dollar amount, you can easily add a visual representation of your status.

Account Details
Great for sites who run sports or memberships with GiveWP and users want to see their donation history.

All these features are already in GiveWP and BB Connect for Give Donations integrates them right into BeaverBuilder.

Of note, as of this writing, the plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, but it still works great. I contacted the plugin authors, who were extremely responsive, and said they’d fix any major issues if they come up or retire it if they were not going to fix issues.

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