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Camping on the Farm

Friday night we went down to my parents farm, camped out, and spent Saturday enjoying the farm. From roasting marshmallows to riding the four wheeler, and bailing cornstalk bails, there’s always something fun to do on the farm. It all started with a camp fire. My brother and dad build us a nice fire so...


Fun Day At The Minnesota Zoo

Spent the day at the Minnesota Zoo today. We met all the animals and played in the splash park. We even saw the farm animals but it still seems weird to go to the zoo to see cows. They also have a nice new outdoor themed play area for all ages.


Lily’s playhouse was not a fan of the storms last night.

In the height of the storms, I turned on the backyard lights to find a pretty sizable branch in our back yard from the neighbors tree. Our playhouse looked a little scared. When I looked again this morning, I noticed there two branches (0ne out of the photo) which missed the fence and the playhouse. Luckily this appears to...