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Cheap, Easy, DIY Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

What can make Easter more fun? Glow in the dark Easter eggs!

Easter Basket

These Easter eggs look good in the dark and it’s a nice twist on your typical egg hunts. We usually do these hunts in the house leading up to Easter just for the fun of it.

Things you’ll need:

Plastic Easter Eggs

Chances are you’ll have these already. If not, you can grab some at the dollar store, Amazon, or most any store.

Also, one of the following.

LED Finger Lights

I’ve found these at the dollar store before, eBay 4 for $3, or you can grab them on Amazon 4 for $5. You’ll need one per egg.

Mini Glow Sticks

Again, check the dollar store, eBay 50 for $5, or Amazon 50 for $7. Make sure they’re small ones as they need to fit in an Easter egg. We’ve tried bigger ones before, and they may work, but it’s a pain.

LED Diodes

LED on a BatteryIf you can get your hands on some small LEDs and some CR2032 batteries, you can create a light. The LEDs are not at the dollar store but you can get them on eBay for $1 or Amazon for a bit more. The batteries are sometimes at the dollar store, eBay 5 for $2, Amazon 5 for $5, or chances are you have some around home and just don’t realize it as they’re in lots of things. You’ll need one per egg.

That’s It

Once you have your items, just put everything together. Turn on the finger lights, or break and shake the glow sticks, or tape the LEDs on the batteries. You just slide them on, long side positive, short side negative. Put everything in the eggs and you’re ready to hide them. Granted, you’ll need to wait for it to be dark, or close all the curtains.

Glow in the dark Easter eggs are a lot of fun and it’s almost more of a challenge finding good hiding places than it is finding them as they glow pretty bright.

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