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Some Easter Fun

Had some fun on Easter. Created giant Peeps for the neighbors, made an even bigger bunny in the snow, and finished off the day with a fun Peeps Jello dessert.

Cheap, Easy, DIY Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

What can make Easter more fun? Glow in the dark Easter eggs! These Easter eggs look good in the dark and it’s a nice twist on your typical egg hunts. We usually do these hunts in the house leading up to Easter just for the fun of it. Things you’ll need: Plastic Easter Eggs Chances […]

Finding Easter Eggs and Happiness

Last week Lily got an Easter basket from daycare and it was filled with all sorts of goodies. It was then that she realized how cool Easter eggs were. We’ve since been practicing our Easter egg hunting skills. We hide them and she tracks them down. She doesn’t just look for the obvious ones either. She’s getting […]

Who knew that getting rabbit ears on a baby would be so hard?

Well I guess more parents would be able to tell me that babies aren’t to fond of things on their head. Especially when they are rabbit ears and dad just wants to get a cute picture. It took quite a few tries, but we managed to get a few good Easter bunny ear shots! As […]