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Unfortunately, Archie had to go back.

Archie DogThere were a lot of discussions and tears on Friday as we had to make the hard decision to return Archie to where we came from. It wasn’t that we didn’t want him, in fact he was a great dog. The issue was that whatever he was mixed with was causing my wife to have some pretty bad allergic reactions. Every time he licked her, for example, she’d break out in a rash. She was miserable.

We had no idea when we got Archie that my wife’s allergies would be so bad. In fact, her parent’s dog is a lab mix, same as Archie, and we’ve watched him for weeks without any issues like this. We’ve taken care of many other dogs too and never has it been this bad. The unknown mix in Archie was just too much. Unfortunately, we don’t know what that mix was either.

We’re still considering other dogs, but definitely don’t want to get ourselves into this situation again. Maybe a hypoallergenic dog or maybe a dog with a better known background.

We all loved Archie and we hope he finds a good home.

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