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Minneapolis drinks my town’s waste water.

Lily in a police car and snowplow.

Lily in a police car and snowplow.

Lily’s second grade class, and myself as a chaperone, went to visit the City of Watertown today and learned all about how things work around here. They got to sit in the back of a police car, learn about how emergency responders work and their tools, learn about the water/sewer system, and more.

I learned two interesting things today.

1. We use less water now than we did 10 years ago. Thanks to the water efficient toilets and faucets, we’re actually using less water in our town now than when we were smaller. That’s amazing.

2. Minneapolis drinks our waste water. We get water out of the ground, use it, then it goes int the sewers to the treatment plant. Once cleaned, it’s released into the Crow river, which flows into the Mississippi river, which then Minneapolis uses to give their residents water.

We learned other fun stuff today too, but those were my two favorite facts.

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