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Say Hello to Marshmallow

Lily and Marshmallow

We now have a new dog in our home. His name is Marshmallow and he’s a Bichon Frise. What’s really nice is that he’s a hypoallergenic dog so no allergies!

Marshmallow is an active dog and we think he’s 2-3 years old. He’s pretty house trained but doesn’t know how to sit or anything like that. We’re working on it. The nice thing though is if he’s not listening, I can just pick him up as he’s only 11 pounds!

Marshmallow was a stray so we don’t have any history on him. My sister-in-law found it and was unable to find the owner so we took him in and gave him a good home.

Unfortunately his initial vet visit didn’t go so well. He has hookworm and heartworms. We’re not as worried about the hookworm, but the heartworm is a bad deal. It’ll cost more than $1000 to treat it right, it’ll take more than six months to work through the treatment, and he’d need to be kenneled or kept quiet the whole time. We love the little guy, but even if we did the treatment, there isn’t any guarantee.

For now, he’s a very happy little dog and he’s really happy here. He’s gotten use to the cats, sleeps through the night, and is more than willing to go on walks and play.

We’ll give him a good life and hopefully we can find a less expensive treatment for his heartworms.


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