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Driving Equipment, Slack Roping, and Flying Kites

Over the weekend we did a lot of fun activities around town. First up was Touch a Truck day at the City of Waconia. Here Lily got to climb into all sorts of city equipment and learn about how the city works. After that we went to a parks event where Lily got to try […]

How to play Who Shook Hook and not go insane.

Lily loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and found the game Who Shook Hook on garage sale. It’s a fun game, but it’s a bit tricky. It turns out the person selling it was doing do because it was to hard for their kids. Instead of having fun, they were getting upset. Hook just tipped over too easy. We had […]

Lily can read!

My wife has been teaching Lily how to read and she is doing an amazing job. When I’d come home from work, they’d be on the couch working through some starter books. Over the weekend, Lily pulled out a book and was able to read it to me. Lily is starting off with the Starfall […]

It’s time to unfollow, unfriend, and simplify.

I love social media, email, apps, and all the wonderful things on the internet, but I also love my offline projects, nature, and my family. Lately I feel I’ve gotten stuck in my phone and it’s time to get out. Time to change the focus and spend more time on other things. On things that […]

Looking for family vacation ideas.

My wife and I are looking for family friendly destinations for a summer vacation. My daughter is 4 and loves all things Disney; especially Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She loves water parks, animals, playgrounds, rides, and, well everything. We did Disney last year so we’re thinking of something a little less spendy this year. […]

Lily’s Easter Fun

What a great Easter Lily had. It started off with brunch with both sets of grandparents. Then we went to a St. Cloud park to play. Following that we just played in our own backyard and enjoyed the beautiful weather. And of course we got to hunt for Easter eggs. I hid them and then […]