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How to play Who Shook Hook and not go insane.

Lily loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and found the game Who Shook Hook on garage sale. It’s a fun game, but it’s a bit tricky.

It turns out the person selling it was doing do because it was to hard for their kids. Instead of having fun, they were getting upset. Hook just tipped over too easy. We had some issues at first, however with a few tweaks, it can be fun.

Since Hook sleeps on a hammock, and it’s a complete balancing act, you can quickly find your kids (even adults) not having fun. Our first few times, hook tipped over with a bump of the table or a touch of the hammock.

To get around this, either use bigger bands or start tripling them up. I’m not sure what came with the game, but ours look like hair ties.

If I follow the instructions, I can barely get the hammock to balance. If I double it up, it’s better, but still tips over pretty easy. If I triple it up, the hammock is pretty hard to tip over and we can actually play the game.

Who Shook Hook

If you can’t get it to balance, then just put the hammock on the ground and play the game. Sure Hook won’t fall out, but with kids, it may be a better option than the drama that comes with Hook tipping over every turn.

I’m not really sure who thought this game was good for kids, but you can make it work and have fun.

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