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Can Can Wonderland – Arcade & Mini Golf

Last weekend, we had a great time at Can Can Wonderland! Can Can Wonderland is a arcade packed with a wide array of pinball machines and classic arcade games. From iconic titles like PacMan and Rampage to skee-ball and Dance Dance Revolution. Some games are ones you know and love, others are unknown and unique, […]

SimCity BuildIt Is As Amazing As I Remember

Back in the late 90s early 00s I remember playing SimCity. I spent hours building my cities and watching them get distorted by fire, tornadoes, and aliens. Then yesterday, I downloaded SimCity BuildIt and I’m addicted once again. SimCity BuildIt is available on iOS and Android and it’s pretty much the same game as I remember, […]

Lily’s First Time Bowling

We took Lily bowling for the first time this weekend and she’s pretty good at it. It seems that Lily has been learning bowling in school and she already knew how to properly hold a bowling ball. I thought this was pretty impressive. She put her fingers in the right holes, walked right up to […]

Kitty Cat Puzzle Completed

This weekend we finished this amazing cat puzzle. We only put it together because I said it was highly unlikely that all the pieces were in the box, as it was an old puzzle, and my wife wanted to prove me wrong. Turns out all 550 pieces were there.

How to play Who Shook Hook and not go insane.

Lily loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and found the game Who Shook Hook on garage sale. It’s a fun game, but it’s a bit tricky. It turns out the person selling it was doing do because it was to hard for their kids. Instead of having fun, they were getting upset. Hook just tipped over too easy. We had […]