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Lily’s First Time Bowling

Lily Bowling

We took Lily bowling for the first time this weekend and she’s pretty good at it.

It seems that Lily has been learning bowling in school and she already knew how to properly hold a bowling ball. I thought this was pretty impressive. She put her fingers in the right holes, walked right up to the line, and tossed it down the lane.

Her swing could use a little improvement, and I’m not sure how many bounces a bowling ball should make, but at least it stayed in our lane.

We had bumpers too of course. They came in very handy. Not only for Lily, but Mom and Dad as well. This is how all bowling should be.

By the end of the first game, Lily scored 70 points. By the end of the second, she had 80. She was right behind both Mom and Dad. Some frames she was even in the lead.

We really like taking her bowling and she enjoyed it too. We’ll have to do it more often now that I know she likes it and she’s pretty good at it.

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