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Ai Mario Mashups – Princess Bowser, Mario Groot and many more.

Ai is being talked about a lot these days, and it can be quite fun. Playing around with Microsoft Bing’s DALL-E Image Creator, I was able to generate some pretty interesting Mario character mashups.

Where I started was Princess Bowser. This one didn’t disappoint.

Princess Bowser

Luigi Mario is somehow evil even though both characters are good guys.

Luigi Mario

Donkey Kong Koopa Troopa was pretty good, but evil again.

Donkey Kong Koopa Troopa

Donkey Kong Yoshi was a decent combo.

Donkey Kong Yoshi

Goomba Shy Guy turned out cute.

Goomba Shy Guy

King Boo Toadette was a mix of cute and not so cute.

King Boo Toadette

Birdo Nabbit was a miss, but what I got was cute animals with big ears.

Birdo Nabbit

Lakitu Thwomp created something entirely new that works. I could see this becoming a real character.

Lakitu Thwomp and Whomp

Mario Groot wasn’t too bad, but not as good as I had hoped.

Mario Groot

Super Mario Avengers wasn’t bad, but I had hoped for more characters than just Mario.

Super Mario Avengers

Super Mario Disney got a bit out of hand. I’m considering this one a failure.

Super Mario Disney

Super Mario Fortnight looks deadly.

Super Mario Fortnight

Super Mario Zelda looks like a decent knock off.

Super Mario Zelda

Who did I miss? What characters would you like to see combined?

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