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Garth Brooks is More than a Memory

Garth Brooks is back on the radio with his yearly single. This time it’s titled More than a Memory. The thought of a new Garth music shouldn’t come as to much of a surprise. It seems that with his Walmart deal, Garth gets a new product each year and those products are then promoted via […]

Google Loves Apple? iGoogle Launched

I was reading over at TechCrunch that Google personalized homepages were re-launching as iGoogle. When I logged into my account, sure enough, there it was; iGoogle. Now, most things that start with an i followed by a product name remind me of Apple. I think it was that iMac that started it all and of […]

iTunes 7 Erased my iPod

Really, it was all my fault, but Apple could do a bit better job at warning a guy. I was playing around with the new iTunes 7 when I came across my iPod stats. Pretty nifty. I clicked on the Music tab and decided to sync a playlist. My wife hates it when she downloads […]

Apple Introduces iPods, Movies, Games & TV Box

Apple released more than just a few things today. Now available is iTunes 7 incorporating movie sales, games (Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, pac man, tetris, texas holdem, vortex, and zuma) for the iPod and bigger TV shows; 640×480 (h264), up from 320×240. Movies are $12.99 for new releases, preorders and first week. After […]

VS: Daniel Powter – Bad Day

The week of August 2nd 2005, iTunes’ free single of the week was a song called Bad Day by unknown artist Daniel Powter. A few months later, American Idol shot the song to #1 by using it as the shows signature song for the 2006 season. Before American Idol though, there was a very clever […]

iTunes Screensaver

I’m not sure how long ago Apple added an iTunes screensaver but I just got around to playing with it. It’s kind of fun. It loads up all your album artwork and displays it on the screen. Then albums flip and change into new ones. It’s like an iTunes ad for your personal music. What […]

Butler IS Mac Productivity

I’ve had Butler on my machine at work for a while but I really haven’t started using it until about a month ago and am I ever impressed. It has brought a whole new level of productivity to my day and I’m still learning the ins and outs. Here is a screen shot of my […]

iTunes Billion Song Countdown w/Prizes

It’s that time again, time when iTunes counts down (or up) to a record. This time it’s for 1 billion legally downloaded songs. Better yet, Apple is giving prizes to at every 100,000th song mark. The lucky downloaders will receive a prize package featuring a black 4GB iPod nano and a $100 iTunes Music Card. […]

Spring Break Shuffle – Music for a Party

I was checking out the Spring Break Shuffle from the iTunes music store and this is one good playlist. It has everything from Big and Rich’s Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Dance Mix) to 50 Cent’s In da Club. Includes Kelly Clarkson’s Since You Been Gone and Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body. There is something […]