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I’m Looking For Disney World Tips

Epcot CenterIn just a few days, the wife and I will be heading out of Minnesota and into hot and sunny Orlando, Florida!

We plan on visiting all Disney parks and hitting up Universal Studios too. Since that’s a lot to do, we are wondering if anyone has any tips to share?

I already have the Disney iPhone maps on my iPod Touch thanks to WDW Pinpoint. Hopefully the land of dreams has free WiFi!

I have been to Disney World a few times growing up, but this is the first time for the wife. She’s in for a real treat!

Any tips or ‘must see’ attractions will help us get the most out of our vacation. 🙂

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  1. sadcox says:

    If you’re into roller coasters skip one of the Disney parks one day and hit Islands of Adventure instead.

  2. Thomas says:

    We do have tickets for one of the Universal parks. Not sure which one we’ll hit though.

  3. Disney Diva says:

    Oh i guess I just missed you. I have my own tips website where you can read A LOT.


    Come check it out!

  4. Kirk says:

    We’re heading in a few weeks, were you able to find wifi? how did WDW Pinpoint work on the touch?

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