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While on Vacation Try Something New

When on vacation, it’s always good to check out some of the local restaurants and see if you can find something new and different. We had Butterbeer (both regular and frozen and frozen was much better), Gillywater, M&M pancakes, Oreo waffles, burger and fries that came in a 50s style car, and strawberry pina colada pancakes […]

Take a Vacation Without Social Media

It’s been 6 days since I posted to, or read social media. I took a vacation and actually disconnected; well, sort of disconnected. I still used GPS and took photos on my phone, but no Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram updates. I thought it’d be hard but it turns out that it wasn’t so bad and […]

Alligators, giraffes, food and a good vacation.

Our vacation to Bonita Springs, Florida was a lot of fun. We got to hold an alligator, ride on air boats through the Everglades, feed a giraffe and we had more than enough food and drinks. While there was a threat of snow in Minnesota, we were relaxing by the pool in the upper 80s. Instead of cereal for […]

We are off to WALL•E World

  The wife and I are skipping town to enjoy the fun and the sun in Florida! We’ll be hitting up all Disney World theme parks, at least one Universal Studios park and who knows what else. While we’re gone, most comments will go into moderation and stay there until I return or find time […]

I’m Looking For Disney World Tips

In just a few days, the wife and I will be heading out of Minnesota and into hot and sunny Orlando, Florida! We plan on visiting all Disney parks and hitting up Universal Studios too. Since that’s a lot to do, we are wondering if anyone has any tips to share? I already have the […]

Yea… Vacation!

We’re off to Vegas and so it’ll be quiet around here for a few days. Comments will be highly (auto) moderated while I’m away too so don’t expect to see many new ones until I return. No Work, No Computer, No Schedule. 😀