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Alligators, giraffes, food and a good vacation.

Alligators, giraffes, food and a good vacation.

Our vacation to Bonita Springs, Florida was a lot of fun. We got to hold an alligator, ride on air boats through the Everglades, feed a giraffe and we had more than enough food and drinks.

While there was a threat of snow in Minnesota, we were relaxing by the pool in the upper 80s. Instead of cereal for breakfast, we had a breakfast buffet. Every dinner had multiple courses and the bar was always open. We were pretty much spoiled from the time we arrived.

It was nice to get away, just me and the wife, and it’s amazing that my wife won this trip for being a stellar employee!

We did have to sit though a few business meetings, but that was a small price to pay for a free vacation!

You can see more of our photos here.

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