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Apple iPhone/PDA/iPod – Wow

The announcement today of the Apple iPhone is amazing. The little device that can do phone, music, videos, tv and so much more blows me away. All this with no buttons, just a touch screen. It’s basically like a Mac Nano. It’s almost perfect. The main, and killer, downside is that it’s Cingular only. I’m […]

Apple Holiday: Expo Day 2007

It’s an un-official Apple holiday today! Today is the bi-annual Apple Expo day where Steve Jobs gets up on stage and announces what’s been happening at Apple and where they are headed. One year ago, Apple announced the Intel processor, iLife 06 with iWeb and lots of RSS and Podcast integration, the official FM transmitter […]

Jammin’ on my Bose SoundDock

Christmas was good to me and this year as I got a Bose SoundDock! After I worked out a few issues with my iPod, it now works great and I love it. I’m all for filling the house with my music and the SoundDock is great as it also charges my iPod. 😀 Other cool […]

iPod Help Needed – Music Stops

I’m in need of a bit of iPod help. I have posted my issue at and Apple’s site with no answers. I have a 20 gig iPod that does photos and music. It works great, however if I try to set it on the dock, and then use the line out in the back […]

iPod Nano Completely Remastered Desktops

Introducing the iPod Nano Completely Remastered desktop pictures. I really like Apple’s new ad, however I was unable to find any good desktop pictures to go along with the ad. So I took the time to create six desktops based off Apple’s new iPod Nano ad. Desktops ~ 1MB Each: Pink, Blue, Green Dark Pink, […]

Apple Introduces iPods, Movies, Games & TV Box

Apple released more than just a few things today. Now available is iTunes 7 incorporating movie sales, games (Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, pac man, tetris, texas holdem, vortex, and zuma) for the iPod and bigger TV shows; 640×480 (h264), up from 320×240. Movies are $12.99 for new releases, preorders and first week. After […]

Technology is Bitter Sweet

Ahh it’s a bitter sweet time. A few days ago Apple announced all new iMacs with twice the processor speed at a lower price. Now, I love my iMac, but it’s always hard to see the new machines arrive just months after I got mine. Being in the forefront of technology is next to impossible […]

What is my dream application?

My Dream App contest has been announced!  It’s loosely based on the American Idol concept where contestants enter and then the public votes for one application until it becomes a reality! The good news is, you don’t have to have talent!  Just come up with a great idea for a Mac application, enter it, and […]

Goodbye VoodooPad Lite, Hello Journler

It wasn’t long ago when I was researching ‘junk drawer’ type applications. I wanted something to keep track of all my random information. Blog posts, images, URLs, notes and whatever else. My research ended with VoodooPad Lite; until now. Browsing MacUpdate, I came across Journler and I’ve never seen such a great application, especially for […]

iTunes Screensaver

I’m not sure how long ago Apple added an iTunes screensaver but I just got around to playing with it. It’s kind of fun. It loads up all your album artwork and displays it on the screen. Then albums flip and change into new ones. It’s like an iTunes ad for your personal music. What […]