Introducing the iPod Nano Completely Remastered desktop pictures.

I really like Apple’s new ad, however I was unable to find any good desktop pictures to go along with the ad. So I took the time to create six desktops based off Apple’s new iPod Nano ad.

Desktops ~ 1MB Each:
Pink, Blue, Green Dark
Pink, Blue, Green Light
Green One
Green Two
All Zipped Up – 4.5MB

All desktops are 1590 x 900 which I realize is kind of an odd size. I wanted them to fit my iMac’s 17″ monior, yet I didn’t want to crop out any of the graphics. I didn’t make them bigger as I already had to stretch the orgionial graphics. Much more and I’m afraid the quality would be even less.

I hope you enjoy them.

iPod Nano
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