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Google Calendar and iCal Do Jive

Humm… much like most of my problems, once I complain about them, they get solved. So here is what I learned about Google Calendar.

My public WebDEV calendar just needed time to refresh. A good hour or two and Google loaded it no problem.

My FTP calendars loaded just fine once I removed the robots.txt file. I was was protecting them from search engines as I don’t need my calendars showing up in search results, but, I now realize that it also blocks the Google calendar bot from picking up my ics files.

So, now that I have that working, and I’m in the process of adding Automator actions for all my calendars to FTP to my web server, I’m able to access all my calendars from everywhere and stay in sync.


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  1. functionista says:

    I’m having the same problem, but as far as I know, I don’t have a robots.txt file to remove! I’ve tried uploading to my iCalx account and uploading to my own server, still Google Calendar shows nothing. Then again, I haven’t waited a few hours either.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Thomas says:

    Has it started working yet?

  3. functionista says:

    Yes, it started working. Just needed a few minutes apparently.

  4. russellc says:

    Glad to have figured this out. But one thing bugs me: Google doesn’t reload the calendar ICS file (using But you said it does things on its on in “a good hour or two”. So, I suppose I must now play the waiting game. I checked and it was well updated (from my iCal changes that have been published).

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