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iPod touch Should Be iPod PDA!

With Apple’s new announcement of iPod touch, I’m ready to buy! (Wife, ignore that.)

iPod touch is basically an iPhone without the phone. Perfect for me as I don’t want to go with ATT. It has a multi touch interface, Wi-Fi and iTunes Store on the iPod! I think I’m in love.

Even better yet, with the Wi-Fi you basically have a PDA. Just go over to Netvibes use that to create notes, checklists and so much more. I don’t see eMail integration, but as long as you can get to the web, you can check webmail. Right?!?!

The only downside is the size of the hard drives inside; 8gb or 16gb. Ohh well, first generations are always a little smaller capacity with a larger price tag.

The new video iPod nanos and updated iPod classic is cool too, just not Wi-Fi enabled. 😉

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  1. BigTom3007 says:

    The iPod Touch runs of 16GB only because it is not Apple’s fault is only because of the limitions of technology.

    The 16GB runs on Flash Memory not hard drive and the 16GB is the biggest only mass produced flash on the market.

    Which also means Apple should be coming out with a 16GB iPhone soon.

  2. Thomas says:

    My understanding is that flash memory is small correct? If so, why couldn’t they put a few in?

    I’m sure Apple thought of that though and there is probably design limitations. 🙂

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