With Apple’s new announcement of iPod touch, I’m ready to buy! (Wife, ignore that.)

iPod touch is basically an iPhone without the phone. Perfect for me as I don’t want to go with ATT. It has a multi touch interface, Wi-Fi and iTunes Store on the iPod! I think I’m in love.

Even better yet, with the Wi-Fi you basically have a PDA. Just go over to Netvibes use that to create notes, checklists and so much more. I don’t see eMail integration, but as long as you can get to the web, you can check webmail. Right?!?!

The only downside is the size of the hard drives inside; 8gb or 16gb. Ohh well, first generations are always a little smaller capacity with a larger price tag.

The new video iPod nanos and updated iPod classic is cool too, just not Wi-Fi enabled. 😉